14 X 17 IN


FOR SALE (In White Wash Custom Frame, no prints/reproductions made of this piece, if purchased you will be the only owner of this image)

Concept: For most of us, we live a life of routine and logic. We go to work, come home, make dinner, feed the dog, repeat. But there is so much more to each of us that we don’t choose to share. There are secrets we keep hidden away for the fear of reliving them or seeing the look on someones face when you speak of it. In real life, we continue to see each other the same, even often after a traumatic event. Some of us are so good at it, we become experts at holding in the darkest parts of our lives and experiences. But if we could show ourselves with what’s actually going on the inside, I presume it would look something like this.

A elderly woman once told me a story of when she was a little girl. Having known this person for a while, I was shocked and couldn’t believe how well she had always carried herself now knowing what she had survived. You would never know the history, the recovery and the strength a person holds, only they know it. Its something to be aware of, the idea that the person next to you isn’t actually that person at all. This piece is a lot more than one woman’s story, it’s all of our stories and I wanted to show through painting what we all try so hard to hide. This way we could see these hidden parts and know when to look out for one another. Life is too short to hide when we are all meant to be here to seek truth.

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